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Training Programs

The main program is designed to be taught in 3 two-hour sessions with exercises between the sessions. We currently teach hands-on classroom training (& webinars). The student will be in front of one of our computers following along with the instructors at the front. On the left will be the PowerPoint, overall training materials, while on the right there will be another projector projecting LinkedIn "live". You watch the instructor lead you through making changes and learning how to participate on LinkedIn.

We have several programs focused on Industries or Job Classifications (e.g. Business Owners, Business Development, Salesforces, Real Estate, Regulated Industries, ...)

We train at several locations including TrustPoint Management, NovaCopy, Connective HUB in Dallas and Ft.Worth at the Business Assistance Center. We teach our last (4th) class in the series "Advanced" quarterly.

These 3 Core Classes for All!

Many other classes

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