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The Business Spotlight

LinkedIn4Me gives advice for Businesses

Host, Patrick Dougher interviews, Dallas Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Terrel Myers, Dallas Laser Dentistry and Social Media (Expert) Guest, Lucinda Ruch, LinkedIn4Me. Suggests top tips for Dr. Myers to use on LinkedIn to get more referrals.

"Aired" on UAN Channel 47.2 in DFW & 28.3 in Houston, 2/26/13 9:30-10:30pm

Link For Success fka LinkedIn4Me

Full 4 Part Interview - Dr. Terrel Myers and Lucinda Ruch

If you have a business that you would like to have highlighted on The Business Spotlight or you would like advice on

how to get more results from using LinkedIn better, please contact us.

Full 3 Part Interview - Dr. Terrel Myers of Dakkas Kaser Debtustry
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