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About LinkedIn's Top X% Awards

In 2013, LinkedIn awarded several honors to it's members. Link For Success achieved Top 1% Viewed. Link For Success has several clients and students reporting they received recognition for being in one of the three award levels:  The Top 1%, 5% and 10% Viewed.

“LinkedIn is thrilled to have recently met a major business milestone of 200 million members.

As part of this, we’re acknowledging some of the members who make up our network. We reached out to members who were some of the first to join LinkedIn, who’ve had the most profile views, who are the most connected in the world or a specific country, and members who’ve received the most skill endorsements. More specifically, we looked at those who have active accounts and were within the first million to register, have more than 100 profile views (excluding self-profile views), have more than 100 connections, and have the most endorsements for popular skills in their country.“

(Source: LinkedIn, February 27, 2013)

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